5 Things to do on a Sunday to Organize for the Week Ahead


Any moms out there need ways to make your week run more smoothly? Don’t worry, Daily Mom has you covered! Today we are bringing you FIVE things to do on a Sunday to help your week be more organized and stress free. As moms, doesn’t it sound great to start the week free of stress and ready to tackle the days ahead?


When you’re running around in a million directions at once, it is easy for thoughts to creep into your mind… And immediately back out. Writing things down helps so much! Keeping an easy to reach pad of paper available can help you make notes of things as they come to mind. If you prefer to do everything electronically, there is an app for that! From grocery lists to to do’s, household lists to schedules, just write it down!


Whether you plan out every last detail of each of your weekly meals or simply give yourself a general outline, anything you can prepare in advance will be helpful during the busy week day grind. Making a large crockpot of chicken to use in meals throughout the week can go a long way. This is great because then you will have it ready to go for meals like a salad with chicken, chicken & pesto pasta, chicken & cheese quesadillas and so much more. If you can get to the grocery store on Sundays to buy ingredients for the week ahead, this is one last thing you’ll have to worry about squeeing in in the upcoming days. Have you joined the instant pot craze yet? Choosing an instant pot meal to do is a great way to mix it up as well, plus they’re quick and easy. When you’re stocking up on your staples don’t forget the important ones to keep a mama going, like COFFEE!


We’ve all been there. It’s Wednesday right before nap time and you put the LAST diaper on your toddler. Simply willing and wishing that he won’t go through it in the next few minutes won’t work. Check and make sure you have enough diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, plastic bags, allllllll the things! You will be so glad to make this a habit. By keeping your household supplies stocked and ready for use, you will avoid last minute stressful trips at an inconvenient time. Sure, Target is fun when you can roam the aisles. What isn’t enjoyable is when the aisle browsing includes offspring and time frames. 


When the house is clean and ready for the week ahead, it just feels SO great. Am I right? If your kids get their toys all over the place (which, let’s be honest, definitely DOES happen) it’s fine. When you know the floors, kitchen counters, toilets, and everything else that really matters is clean, it just makes you breath easier! All you will need to do after a play session is pick up the toys and put them back in the already organized area. We know it sounds easier than it is, but again a little organization can go a long way.


Whether you go for a walk, treat yourself to some shopping, do yoga, get a pedicure, read a book, meet a friend for a glass of wine or let yourself sit in peace for 10 minutes, make sure to take time for YOU. Make it a priority to slow down, breathe, and remember you are an AWESOME mama and you’ve got this! This week ain’t got nothin’ on your super prepared, relaxed, and ready-for-anything attitude.

McKenzie is a lifestyle blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She lives with her husband Lucas, and her two sons Parks  (2&1/2) and Henrik (1 year). As a mama of two boys who are less than a year and a half apart, she is busy with a full plate (and full heart!). You can find McKenzie and her creative ways to make mom fashion look good, 5 minute make-up routine, and her family life at Walker Corner, and also on Instagram @mckenziemwalker.

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