5 Ways for Busy Parents to Keep the Spark Alive


It’s so easy for full-time working parents to get caught up in their hectic lifestyles. Creating the balance between the pressure of their jobs, their kids’ activities and other daily life responsibilities. Often times parents get so overwhelmed, they forget to make time for romance with their partner. As your schedule gets more and more loaded, trying to make time for romance becomes only more imperative to the health of your relationship. It is important for both you and your partner to drop ‘parent-mode’ at certain times and bring back the ‘romance-mode’. Even though it often takes work, it’s completely doable with easy actions. Here are five ways for busy parents to keep the spark alive.

Put Your Phone Away

Many of us are guilty of spending too much time on our screens. Whether it is work emails or mindless scrolling, this simple step makes a huge difference in the relationship between a couple. When trying to spend quality time together, whether it’s just the two of you or with your whole family, putting your phones away will help. Being fully present in the moment will make your conversations that much more meaningful and will also allow you to pay full attention to your partner. If possible, don’t limit this to just your phone. Try setting parameters on the time in which technology can be present when with your partner, including the television. Your partner will appreciate you being fully there both mentally and physically with undivided attention. Not only does this make your partner feel more considered, but it also makes widens the gateway of communication for the both of you.

Have a Consistent Date Night.

When trying to keep the romance alive with your relationship, it is important that you make the effort to do so. One of the best (and most fun) things you can do is call a babysitter and set aside a consistent time to have a date night. This could be weekly, monthly or quarterly. Whatever your schedule allows, set aside the time and make it a priority. Whether it’s going to see a movie, having a romantic dinner or visiting a nostalgic place where you first fell in love, this is a great way to keep the spark alive. If you’re not interested in spending a lot of money, there are so many affordable ways to have a fun date night in the comfort of your own home. Plan the date and put effort into looking nice for your partner. For men, if you’re going straight from the office to a date night, one of the easiest things you can do is wear a shirt that is perfect for day to night. If you’re a woman in need of some outfit ideas, here are some perfect transition outfits for the office straight to your romantic date.

Engage in more PDA.

It can be hard to engage in intimacy or any kind of physical contact when you’re a parent. However, engaging in more public displays of affection is a great way to help keep the spark alive between two busy parents. Whether it’s a simple hug or a smaller act like an arm touch, it will show your partner that you love and care for them. This not only brings you closer physically, but emotionally as well. If you’re worried about what your kids will think when engaging in acts of PDA, there is great and informative article stating why having PDA in front of your kids is actually a good idea.

It’s the Little Things That Count.

It can be easy for full-time working parents to grow resentful over their partner in the case of “who does more,” so showing appreciation for your partner can go a long way. Doing something small like offering to wash the dishes for them can show an immense amount of appreciation. Likewise, making the effort to give your partner compliments can make them feel good about themselves. The next time your partner is looking nice or if they’ve made an exceptionally great dinner, make sure to tell them. Who doesn’t like to be noticed and appreciated?

Have Fun Together.

This goes hand-in-hand with making the time to have a date night. It’s important that you and your partner bring fun into the relationship. With all of the craziness that parents deal with, it’s common for couples to forget to have fun together. This can often be done with making jokes or making a fun game out of the most mundane household tasks. If you’re in need of fun date ideas, check out these creative ways to have fun with your spouse.

How do you keep the spark alive between you and your loved one?

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