85 Popular And Cute Palindrome Names For Girls And Boys


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As parents, you will want to seek the most interesting and beautiful name for your child. What’s more interesting than palindrome names?

Palindromes are words that spell the same from both ends, like mom, dad, etc. Did you know that the English writer Ben Jonson first came up with the word ‘palindrome’ in the 17th century?

MomJunction has collected diverse palindrome names from all over the world and listed them here to give you an exhaustive list to choose from.

Palindrome Names For Baby Girls:

1. Ada:

The name Ada will suit your baby girl well because it means ‘noble’ in German.

2. Aidia:

Aidia is an exotic name with Spanish roots and means ‘help’. It will be an apt name for your caring and helpful daughter.

3. Ailia:

If you are into European names and palindromes intrigue you, here is another name that might interest you. Ailia is an Irish name that means ‘light’.

4. Aja:

Aja is an uncommon name that is Arabic for ‘priestess of Mecca’. Aja can be your choice if you are into Muslim names.

5. Aka:

Aka is a popular Japanese name for girls and means ‘red’. It will be suitable for your baby daughter, especially if she is red-headed.

6. Alala:

The name Alala has Greek origins and is the Greek word for ‘war cry’. You can name your baby girl Alala if she is competitive and all set to conquer the world.

7. Aleela:

Aleela is sourced from South Africa and is popular among the Swahili tribes. It is the Swahili word for ‘she cries’. It will be a pretty name for your daughter.

8. Ama:

Is your daughter born on a Saturday? Then you may consider this name. Ama means ‘born on Saturday’ in African.

9. Anana:

This beautiful name sources its origin from the Inuit tribes settled in Iceland. Anana in Inuit means ‘beautiful,’ just like your baby girl.

10. Anna:

Anna is a pretty and popular name with Greek roots. It comes from the Greek word avva which means ‘beautiful’ again!

11. Anina:

Yet another name with Greek origin, Anina means ‘grace’. You can choose this exquisite name for your graceful daughter.

12. Ara:

Who doesn’t love the first rains? If you do as well, cement your daughter’s popularity among her peers and the rest of the world by naming her Ara. Ara is Arabic for ‘rain’.

13. Arora:

This famous Disney princess name is a derivation of the name Aurora, which means ‘goddess of dawn’. It is a very happening name currently.

14. Asa:

You are grateful for your little bundle of joy. Turn this feeling into her name by naming your daughter Asa, which means ‘grateful’ in Arabic.

15. Ava:

Your baby girl means the life to you and your partner. Choose Ava as her name as it means ‘life’.

16. Aviva:

Baby girls are fresh like the springtime and innocent as angels. Your innocent daughter needs a name that suits this trait. You could go with Aviva, which means ‘innocent’ or ‘springtime’ in Latin.

17. Aziza:

Aziza is an Arabic word meaning ‘cherished’ or ‘beloved’. You can opt for this pretty name for your cherished daughter.

18. Ece:

This is a very uncommon name with Turkish origins. Ece means ‘queen’ in Turkish.

19. Ede:

Ede is a short and sweet name for your baby boy. Originating from Old English, the name means ‘wealthy guardian’.

20. Eidie:

Your baby girl is going to be healthy, wealthy, and wise in the years to come. Prepare her from now by naming her Eidie. This is a Nordic name that stands for ‘spoils of war’ or ‘wealthy’.

21. Elle:

What about naming your daughter something exotic and exquisite? Elle is the name for her. Elle is French for ‘she’.

22. Eme:

The sun, sands, and beaches of Hawaii attract everybody. If you are keen on Hawaiian culture, why not choose a Hawaiian name? Eme means ‘loved’ in Hawaiian.

23. Emme:

If you add another ‘m’ to the previous name, it becomes a German name. Emme has originated from the German word Ermen, which means ‘universal’ or ‘whole’.

24. Eevee:

Is your daughter born on Christmas eve? We have a perfect palindrome name for her! Eevee means ‘girl born on Christmas eve’ in Old English.

25. Eve:

If you have read the Old Testament, you are familiar with the name Eve. It is a Hebrew word for ‘life’ or ‘lively’.

26. Habibah:

This sweet palindrome name is an Arabic word for ‘beloved’ or ‘sweetheart’. You can pick this up for your baby girl, who is your sweetheart.

27. Halah:

You see your daughter as an angel, complete with a halo. Name her Halah which is an unusual name that stands for ‘nimble’ or ‘halo’ in Arabic.

28. Hannah:

Hannah is one of the most common palindrome names in the world. It is a Hebrew word for ‘grace’ or ‘favor’.

29. Hayah:

This palindrome name has Arabic roots and means ‘life’. You can consider this name if you are into philosophical names.

30. Ireri:

This unique name comes all the way from Kenya and means ‘one who nurtures’ or ‘guardian’. It is the perfect fit for your nurturing baby girl.

31. Itati:

Itati is another exotic name for your beautiful baby girl. It originates in South America and means a ‘stone’. It would be apt for your strong and powerful daughter.

32. Ivi:

If you are an avid gardener or love old house charms, you will be familiar with the ivy plant. Why not choose a palindrome derivation of Ivy as your baby girl’s name?

33. Izzi:

That feisty baby girl of yours deserves a name equivalent of her personality. You can rest easy that the Arabic name Izzi meaning ‘mighty,’ will match her well.

34. Kanak:

Your baby girl is good as gold and twice as precious. Why shouldn’t her name be extra special? Pick Kanak as a name for her. Kanak is the Sanskrit word for ‘gold’.

35. Layal:

Layal is a lyrical name that would suit your daughter well. It is an Arabic word for the ‘night’.

36. Lil:

Li’l Miss Lil sounds just right for your sweet girl. The name Lil will fit her flowery personality as it means ‘flower’ in Old English.

37. Maham:

Isn’t your cute daughter pretty as the moon? Perhaps you should go with this beautiful Persian name that means ‘piece of the moon’.

38. Maram:

We are sure your darling daughter will be an inspiration to many. Name her Maram, which is Arabic for ‘inspiration’.

39. Noon:

Your little girl is the brightest spot of your life. Name her Noon, which in English means the ‘brightest time of the day’.

40. Viv:

This cute and short name means ‘alive’ in French. It is a perfect description for your lively daughter.

If you think the girl names were diverse and unique, wait till you check out the list of the baby boy names.

Palindrome Names For Baby Boys:

41. Aoloa:

Aoloa is a very uncommon name for your baby boy and is unlikely to be replicated. Aoloa is a Hawaiian word for ‘distinguished person’.

42. Aba:

How about an African name for your son, if you are into diversity? Aba means ‘born on Thursday’. It is a suitable name for him, especially if he is born on Thursday.

43. Aza:

Holding your son in your arms is so comforting. Name this source of comfort Aza, which is an Urdu word for ‘comfort’.

44. Bab:

Bab is a very short and simple name sourced from Armenia and means ‘grandfather’.

45. Bob:

The palindrome name bob is made famous by musician Bob Marley. Bob is short for Robert, which means ‘bright and shining’.

46. Ege:

Ege is an edgy palindrome name for your boy. A short version of Aegean, it means ‘chief sea’ in Greek.

47. Eze:

Your son is nothing less than an emperor to you. Name him Eze, which is an African name that means ‘king’.

48. Iggi:

If you want a unique name for your one and only son, you can consider the African name Iggi, which incidentally stands for ‘only son’.

49. Iwi:

Your extended family is nothing short of a tribe and your happy-go-lucky and cheerful baby boy is a part of it. Choose an African name Iwi, which means ‘tribesman’.

50. Jalaj:

Someone who shines in spite of coming from humble backgrounds is revered by many, just like the lotus blooms from muddy water. Choose the Sanskrit word Jalaj, which means ‘lotus’ or ‘born of water’.

51. Kilik:

Let your dear son be blind to the evils of the world. You can name him Kilik, which is Native American for ‘blind’.

52. Kuruk:

If you want something as interesting as a palindrome name but a little more with a cultural significance, choose this Native American name Kururk, which stands for ‘bear’.

53. Lal:

Your boy is your sweetheart and you want the world to know it. You can pick this quirky name that originates from Hindi. Lal means ‘red’ or ‘sweetheart’ in Hindi.

54. Lehel:

Lehel is another trendy palindrome name that comes from Hungary and means ‘to breathe’.

55. Lel:

Your son’s arrival has taken everyone by storm. Try this rare Slavic palindrome name Lel, which means ‘taker’.

56. Lul:

Do you want something short and hip as your little boy’s name? Do consider the name Lul, which is Arabic for ‘diamond’.

57. Naman:

You are confident that people will bow down and salute your baby boy’s aura. You can pick this Sanskrit word that means ‘to salute’ or ‘to greet’.

58. Nan:

Why not look to China for a palindrome name for your son? Nan is one of the simplest names you can choose, which in Chinese means ‘male’.

59. Natan:

Natan is a shortened palindrome form of Nathan, which in Latin, stands for ‘gift from God’.

60. Navan:

Navan is a Hebrew name which stands for ‘king of the Jews’ or ‘champion’.

61. Nayan:

Your baby has beautiful eyes and you want to show them off. Why don’t you pick a name that highlights his eyes? Nayan is the Sanskrit word for ‘eye’.

62. Nen:

Nen is a short name sourced from Egypt; it means ‘ancient waters’. It will be an exotic name for your baby boy.

63. Neven:

If you are spiritual, naming your son Neven will be the right thing to do. Neven is the German word for ‘saintly’.

64. Nin:

Nin is a short and sweet name that is originated from Thai and means ‘sapphire’.

65. Nirin:

Nirin is another name derived from the Thai language and means ‘eternal’. It is a very philosophical name if you ask us.

66. Nitin:

You would like to instill the sense of right or wrong very early in your son. How about picking the name Nitin for him? Nitin comes from the Sanskrit word niti, which means morality.

67. Nolon:

Something like Christopher Nolan? You can choose a derivation of Nolan, Nolon, which is a Celtic word for ‘noble’. Perfect for your little prince.

68. Nosson:

Nosson is a Hebrew word, which means ‘Jehovah has given’. It is an apt name if you are a religious person.

69. Nun:

If you are into Egyptian mythology, choose a name for your boy, inspired by the same. Nun is an Egyptian name that means ‘god of the ocean’.

70. Otto:

There have been several famous people bearing the name Otto in History. This famous German name stands for ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity’.

71. Pip:

This tiny but trendy palindrome name is short for Phillip, which means ‘lover of horses’ in old English.

72. Ramar:

When you look at your infant son, you feel a surge of hope and reverence, feelings you get while kneeling before your god. That makes your son god-like. Name him Ramar, which is Arabic for ‘God-like’.

73. Rayar:

Another spiritual name, Rayar is Arabic for ‘way of heaven’. You can choose this venerable name for your son.

74. Renner:

Renner sounds so much like runner, isn’t it? That’s because it comes from the German word rennen, which means ‘to run’ or ‘messenger’. Isn’t that an intriguing name?

75. Reinier:

Reinier sounds very unusual? It is the German word for ‘deciding warrior’. An apt name for your baby boy, we must say.

76. Sahas:

Your little warrior son is feisty and courageous. Why not pick the name Sahas for him? It is the Hindi word for ‘courage’.

77. Salas:

You want your baby boy to grow up and be an outdoorsy person. Name him Salas, which is Greek for ‘man of the forest’. He will love camping in the woods as much as his name.

78. Saras:

Saras is a sweet name that derives from Sanskrit. It means a ‘lake’ or ‘reservoir’. It will be apt for your calm and serene baby boy.

79. Savas:

Savas is another aristocratic name that is Turkish for ‘war’. It will suit your fierce baby boy.

80. Sebes:

Your little boy is a fast learner and is growing up quickly. How about naming him Sebes? Sebes is Hungarian for ‘fast’.

81. Sos:

If your baby boy is chubby and fierce as a bear, select Sos as a name for him. Sos comes from the Inuit tribe in Iceland and means ‘bear’.

82. Sylys:

Greeks have a plethora of palindrome names. Sylys is one of them derived from Silas, the Greek god of forests.

83. Siris:

Siris is another amazing name that you can choose for your son. It means ‘shepherd’ in Old English.

84. Talat:

If you are religious and would like your baby boy to grow up as a spiritual person, name him Talat. Talat is Arabic for ‘prayer’.

85. Utu:

We end the list with a palindrome name from Finland. Utu is Finnish for ‘fine mist’.

Palindrome names are fun, interesting, and easy to spell. They have the ‘style’ factor that you are looking for in your baby’s name.

Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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