When dropping off your little one at nursery school, you might expect childcare workers to check if you’d remembered to bring diapers, a spare set of clothes and a sippy cup. What you might not expect is for them to advise you that you need to dress your child in more gender-stereotypical clothing. But that’s exactly
The average American family will spend somewhere around $637 on back-to-school supplies for each elementary school child this year and twice that for a high school student, according to the annual Backpack Index from Huntington Bank and Communities in Schools. Add to that the fact that both children and parents typically have anxiety about the transition of
The first day of kindergarten is often marked by adorable photos alongside “I can’t believe this!” captions filled with crying emoji. Because although many parents are happy to watch their kids start that stage of childhood, some moms and dads also face many fears. HuffPost turned to parents who have been through the transition of sending their
A breastfeeding mom who was asked to “cover up” at a restaurant did so with a comedic flourish that has the internet in hysterics. Last week, Facebook user Carol Lockwood shared a photo of Melanie Dudley nursing her 4-month-old baby in a hotel bistro with a blanket completely covering her head. “A friend’s daughter-in-law was told to
A series of stunning photos is celebrating the beauty of breastfeeding around the world. In honor of National Breastfeeding Month and World Breastfeeding Week, Lansinoh partnered with photographer Tina Boyadjieva to capture mothers nursing their children in 18 countries, including Peru, France, Turkey and South Africa. Tina Boyadjieva/Courtesy of Lansinoh Tina Boyadjieva photographed a woman
Pottermania endures more than a decade after the final Harry Potter book was released and seven years after the last film hit theaters. The franchise influences many aspects of some people’s lives, from weddings to classroom decor ― and baby names.  The Wizarding World has given many names a slight boost, but one name in particular really stands out: Luna. 
Chrissy Teigen has arguably done more to demystify — and definitely deglamorize — pregnancy and new motherhood than a box set of “Call the Midwife.” Mesh underwear? Leaky, swollen breasts? Nonstop pumping? Been there, done that. In the latest installment of “Chrissy gets real about having a baby,” the mom of two reveals that she’s still wearing her maternity pants