Here’s Where To Do All Of Your Back-To-School Recycling


It’s the time of year when back-to-school sales flood the cable channels and bombard our inboxes, but not without reason. After all, little ones grow out of their clothes almost overnight, and active teens wear out their sneakers faster than you can replace them. 

But, for every new back-to-school purchase you make, you’re left with an old, unwanted item that could be headed for a landfill. The simple fact is that sometimes it’s easier to replace a worn-out item than it is to repair it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a second life somewhere else. 

Many retailers and nonprofits collect unwanted textiles, cosmetic empties, electronics and garments in order to repurpose and recycle them. From mascara tubes and ripped jeans, to backpacks and Crayola markers, almost everything you’re replacing for the school year can be reimagined into something new. 

Whether you’re a teacher who needs to recycle old art supplies, a parent who has a plethora of worn-out backpacks and gym shoes, or you’re just looking to make some extra closet space, we’ve found 11 places that’ll help you get all of your back-to-school recycling done in a flash. 

Here, 11 places to do your back-to-school recycling

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