Most Often Bought Travel Insurance By Families With Kids


For many families, travel insurance policies are not just painful to sort through but are also mind-numbingly boring. This is the reason, however, why most of them have been caught out on the fine print. Travel insurance offers families, especially those with kids, an affordable way to protect themselves and their travel expenses. Plus, it provides a number of essential benefits, such as evacuation and health coverage, that families often need when travelling abroad. Your annual policy will cover your children up to 17 years at no extra cost. The number of people covered with one policy is a big advantage when travelling with your family – you can have infants, adults or children travelling with you. Furthermore, a plenty of adventure activities are covered as standard without additional premium and more hazardous activities can often be included for an extra charge. Most travel insurance policies have a 24/7 emergency assistance service to help with emergencies while you are abroad.


Whether your family is travelling to local attraction or a foreign country, it’s wise to keep your children safe and happy during the journey. Choosing right travel insurance reduces travel risks and provides invaluable assistance in emergency situations.

Understanding what you are buying is a key to your peace of mind in the event of any unexpected mishaps while abroad. Let’s take a look at two the most often bought family travel insurance.


Annual Travel Insurance

This family travel insurance is designed not only for families, but also for most couples and individuals. This is advantageous especially if you are fond of travelling a lot within a year (or 12 months period). With Annual Travel Insurance, there is no stopping you from taking as many holidays as you can. You can be confident knowing that you are covered in each trip you take all year long. In case you did not know, the cheapest annual policy is only about $68 (or about £59.76).


Here are some of its key benefits:

  • You have coverage throughout the year. So instead of buying a different policy for every overseas trip you make, you can go with this family travel insurance to get covered every time you and your family go abroad.
  • When buying Annual Travel Insurance, most of your benefit levels get reset in every international trip. This allows you to acquire the same amount of coverage on every trip, provided that you return within the prescribed limit. Above anything else, this prevents any policy confusion and even lapses in coverage that usually come when purchasing insurance for every single trip.
  • Even if you travel numerously, some of your benefits will still be in effect as soon as you come home. For example, trip cancellation or delay and luggage loss benefits can follow as long as you are at a certain distance from home. Remember that every plan is different; hence, it is only important for you to understand what your benefits are beforehand.6

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

This family travel insurance is perfect for residents going either for short or long trips. What is even interesting here is that you can select coverage for single trips of up to 8, 17, or 24 days – or from 1 month up to 15 months at a time. The policies here can even be extended up to a maximum of 18 months. Comprehensive travel insurance cover is the most popular travel insurance policy, which suits the needs of 80% of our customers. The cheapest comprehensive policy you can get is about $21 (or about £18.17).

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Moreover, Comprehensive Travel Insurance has policies which provide financial protection for unexpected events that directly impact your trip. While there are various coverage options out there, the popular ones are:

  • Baggage and Personal Items Loss – provides you with refunds if you purchase essential items due to airline delays or if your valuables are delayed or lost.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses and Repatriation up to £10 Million per person – give you refund if you find the need to seek medical treatment for an unexpected reason while on your trip.
  • Trip Cancellation – reimburses you for non-refundable trip costs if the trip is cancelled for a covered reason, such as inclement weather conditions, illness, injury or death, and terrorism.

If you think about it, family travel insurance is really affordable and beneficial. More importantly, getting the right one for your needs could get you greater peace of mind and give you the ability to recoup your losses against any unforeseen eventualities. Prepare for your family holiday in advance to ensure that you choose the right cover and have a trouble free trip.

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