September 26th: “Love Note Day” Got Love Notes To Give?


Email, text, and more emails! When was the last time you took out a piece of paper, a post-it note, or just a small notepad and wrote someone something special in your own handwriting? We’re talking about those love notes to be more exact. Convenience has inconveniently lead us astray when it’s so instant. Some days, you just have to unplug and go old school. THIS day, September 26th is Love Note Day. Love notes are written in your own hand to someone you love. No text or email required. Just a little note and pen or pencil of your choosing. So, where do you start? What do you say in this note that isn’t an app?

Let’s follow in the footsteps of the late Margery Brews. She wrote to her fiance, John Pasto, a Valentine’s Day Love Letter that has been dated back to 1477! This is the oldest surviving love letter in the English language. Time to celebrate a tradition that emphasizes what we all need in life: Love.

The Love notes shutting down comp

Where to start

Shut. Down. The. Computer/Phone/Tablet

It’s not enough to just walk away (though you could do that, however, let’s really get old-school), but really put yourself in the zone for love and what you want to convey to your special someone. Now that the computer has fully shut down… make it memorable, special, and unforgettable.

You could certainly grab the post-it pad you nabbed from the office – but that’s not sexy. Steal your love’s heart, not a post-it pad. Get some pretty paper, even scented paper, or their favorite colored-paper… something that says… I was thinking of you whole-heartedly.

Inspiration For Love-Creation

Once you have the paper in hand, get inspired. It’s not easy writing a note and conveying your feelings when you can send a text that simply says I love you. So, create the inspiration for love-creation.

Love notes thinkingWhere can you sit or walk to bring out your heart’s feelings for your special someone? Go to that place and just be in the moment and allow your emotions to flood onto the paper in words.

Finally… give it to them. Again, this isn’t just a ‘here, read this’ hand-off like a baton you can’t wait to get rid of. You’ve got to set the mood, make it a surprise, or simply slip it into their purse or on the dash of the car so they see it next time they are taking off for work. Again, let your inspiration moment include how to present this gift to them.

The Real Love Notes

Love notes writing

Here are some real-life examples of love notes passed from lover to lover, friend to friend, person to person. A note of love, adoration, and thoughtfulness. Get inspired, put away the electronics, and simply…write a couple love notes.

The Love notes card

The Love notes_

No matter how you express your love to someone, express it! Sometimes, sending that text or email is all they need. Yes, handwritten is really cool and thoughtful, but don’t let that stop you from sending love in an instant! Just don’t forget that pen and paper was the way to go…after all, it worked just fine for Margery and John!

love notes

Photo Credits: AndiL.

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