Why We Love Our Dogs


No holiday is more pure than National Dog Day (ask any dog lover) as it honors our favorite furry friends. National Dog Day encourages a happy life for all dogs. It celebrates all breeds and helps to illuminate the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. All dogs deserve a happy and healthy life as they do so much to enrich our lives. Indeed, dog owners unanimously agree that dogs are definitive proof that God loves us. Here are just a few reasons why we love our furry companions.

They were our first children

For most of us, we had dogs before we had children. They were the first children we nurtured. They taught us responsibility and the ability to love selflessly. By allowing us to love them and be responsible for them, they were the first to make us parents. They inspired us to love another life with total purity and devotion. They were the best fur babies any parent could ask for.


They become our children’s best friends

Nothing goes together better than children and puppies. Dogs become the best siblings to our human children. Dogs teach our children life long lessons about caring for others, responsibility, and compassion. Aside from that, there are also health benefits to having a dog in the home with small children. Research shows that children who grow up with a dog in the house are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, and ear infections.


They give us unwavering companionship

Dogs become part of your everyday life. You are never alone when you are a dog owner. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Take the dog on a walk. Who sits next to you and doesn’t judge while you watch reality TV? Who is always ready for a game of fetch? Dogs are always there to provide companionship and love. After all, as much as we love our dogs, to our dogs, we are the world.


They are always happy

Let’s face it, humans are moody and not always fun to be around. Has anyone ever said that about a family dog? No. Dogs are different. Their spirit is always joyous and they are always happy to see their owner. Dogs good moods are contagious. No one can resist a happy yelp and a wagging tail.  A happy house is a dog house (albeit not the cleanest house!).

They help us

Dogs provide emotional support to those that need it. Dogs selflessly help lead their blind, sick, and disabled owners. Their presence helps reduce stress and anxiety. Dogs do not cure these ailments, but they have a significant impact on humans that allows them to soothe the people they are around.  In addition to emotional support, dogs keep us safe by serving with our police and military. They help law enforcement by sniffing bombs and drugs. They help our military by sniffing out weapons.


They are family

Dogs are a part of the pack and an integral part of the family unit. When a dog dies, it often feels the same as losing a (human) family member – that is because it is the loss of a loved one. Life would not be the same if you didn’t have your dog in it.

Dogs should be celebrated everyday – and especially today – as they do so much for humankind. So celebrate your playful pup today by giving your k-9 companion a big hug and kiss! 

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Why we love our dogs

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