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Throughout the past 40 years, parents have looked to and trusted in MAM to provide them with high-quality, reliable baby products. MAM’s mission is to guarantee the safety and good health of MAM babies and ensure their customers are fully satisfied. With a huge variety of baby essentials, MAM offers items from bottles and feeding accessories to oral care products and personalized gifts. Combining functionality and comfort, MAM’s baby items will grow with your child, supplying parents with products that they will need through all age stages. Passing thousands of extensive tests, MAM promises all products are 100% safe, chemical free, and unbreakable.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

free-baby-stuff-21 When bottle feeding a baby, depending on the type of bottle being used, your child is at risk for getting colic, gas, and reflux. However, MAM has created an award-winning Double Sided, Anti-Colic Bottle that prevents colic, gas, and reflux through a patented vented base and ventilation holes. Through the skin soft nipple and the unique flat shape, making the switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is a breeze and reduces confusion for your baby. Not only are the MAM Anti-Colic Bottles dishwasher safe, but through the self-sterilization system, these bottles self-sterilize in just three minutes making cleaning easy and convenient for parents. Designed with adorable styles, the MAM Anti-Colic comes in three colors and has an easy to read measuring gauge.

MAM Friends 100% Rubber Developmental Teething Toys

free-baby-stuff-22 free-baby-stuff Teethers are a must have when your child reaches the point of experiencing pain in their gums. When trying to decide which kinds to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a 100% rubber developmental teething toy. Babies typically start teething any time from three months and twelve months making teethers a handy and necessary baby item. Handcrafted from all natural rubber, MAM has created an adorable collection of animal teethers. These teethers are brightly colored, fun to squeeze, and easy to hold. With different textures throughout the teether, your baby’s sensory development will be stimulated while soothing their gums. Choose from the cutest creatures from Lucy the Snail to Ellie the Bee or collect them all by adding Max the Frog and Bob the Turtle to the pack.

MAM Mini Cooler with Clip Teether

free-baby-stuff Babies love holding and chewing on a teether but us parents hate having to bend down and constantly pick them up and disinfect them every ten seconds. The Mini Cooler with Clip Teether easily solves that problem by providing not only a teether that massages baby’s sore gums but also conveniently clips to baby’s clothes to keep from falling. The ring handle makes this teether easy for babies to hold and contributes to developing your baby’s sense of touch and coordination. Available in blue or pink, the Mini Cooler with Clip is filled with purified water and is BPA and BPS free. Place the Mini Cooler in the refrigerator for an hour to provide extra relief during more intense teething times.

MAM Perfect Pacifiers

free-baby-stuff When it comes to pacifiers, shape, size, and flexibility are important characteristics. Studies show that transitioning from standard pacifiers to the MAM Perfect pacifier has positive effects on a baby’s oral health. The Perfect Pacifier will not only soothing a fussy baby but supports the development of healthy teeth and jaws. Known for being the thinnest and more flexible pacifier on the market, the MAM Perfect pacifier allows for more room for incoming teeth to grow and the skin soft silicone nipple resembles a more closer feel to a mother’s.

MAM Infant Basics Gift Set

free-baby-stuff If you are needing several newborn items at once or just want to give a mom to be a great and thoughtful gift, the MAM Infant Basics Gift Set is the way to go. Equipped with numerous essentials, the Infant Basics Gift Set has premium supplies that are not only perfect for a newborn but also completes parent’s feeding necessities. The Infant Basics Gift Set includes:

  • Two 5 oz. anti-colic bottles
  • Two 9 oz. anti-collic bottles
  • One medium flow nipple
  • One fast flow nipple
  • One Start newborn pacifier
  • One pacifier clip
  • One soft bottle cleaning brush

A lot of thought went into selecting which items are most important for the Infant Basics Gift Set. The bottles utilize the vented base to prevent babies from getting air in their stomach while feeding to avoid colic. The nipples are a special skin soft texture that helps babies easily switch from breast to bottle and back. The pacifier is small, lightweight and designed specifically for newborns and comes with a clip to secure to babies clothes. Lastly, the soft brush is perfect for cleaning your bottles without scratching them.

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