85 Most Popular Italian Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings


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You love eating pasta, pizzas, and olive oil. You fantasize about going to Rome, riding gondolas, and eating in bistros. You are into binge-watching movies on Italian mafia wars. Chances are, you would be into Italian names and surnames as well.

Popularized by the vast expanse of literature, TV shows, and films, Italian surnames are fast becoming popular choices for first names among the new age parents because of their lyrical ring.

MomJunction has put together a list of 85 most popular Italian surnames along with their meanings. Some of them would sound great even as first names. So if you are feeling a little experimental and would love a piece of Italy in your home, you can go through the exhaustive list.

Most Popular Italian Last Names Or Surnames:

1. Accardi:

A typical Italian surname, Accardi comes from Achard, which means ‘hardy’ or ‘brave’.

2. Agosti:

This surname is sourced from a Latin term, Augustus, which means ‘favored with good omens’. The recorded variations include Agosta, Agostaro, Agostino, and Augusto among others.

3. Ajello:

This surname would be a cute nickname for your sweet boy. Ajello is an occupational surname that comes from the Latin word ‘ager’ or ‘field’ and was mostly given to farmers.

4. Amato:

Amato is a beautiful first name for your beloved baby boy and is derived from the word amatus, which means ‘beloved’.

5. Barbieri:

No extra brownie points for guessing that this popular Italian surname originated from the Italian word Barbiere, which means ‘barber’. Other popular variations include Barbiera, Barberi, Barbieri, and Barberio.

6. Barone:

You want your baby to be brave and courageous. Why not choose a name that means exactly that? Coming from the Latin word barus meaning ‘brave’, this Italian surname can also be used as a first name. Or you could take a pick from its variations Varoni, Baret, Baruzzo, Barelli, Baronio or Barella.

7. Bernardi:

This last name comes from Bernhard or Beornheard, in which bern means ‘bear’ and ‘hard’ means strong or hardy. Therefore, the name means ‘strong as a bear’.

8. Bianco:

Bianco is a typical Italian surname which means ‘white’. It is in the category of nickname surnames and was initially given to people with white hair or those who were very pale. Bianchi is the plural variation of Bianco. Celebs like Beto Bianchi, Daniela Bianchi, and Emilio Bianchi have added to the name’s popularity.

9. Bruni:

A variation of Bruno, it means the color ‘brown’. It would be an excellent choice as a name for your daughter, who could be warm and earthy, just like the color brown.

10. Bruno:

Popularized by Mars Bruno, the famous singer, and musician, Bruno is one of the most famous Italian surnames. Derived from the Italian word for brown, Bruno came under the category of surnames derived from nicknames and was given to people with brown hair. Bruno is also a trendy first name in many countries including the US.

11. Caputo:

Caputo has its origin in the Italian word ‘capo’, meaning headstrong and was given to people who were very determined and unwavering.

12. Carbone:

A typical Italian surname, which means ‘coal’ or ‘charcoal’. Carbone was a regular last name for coal miners, coal merchants or charcoal burners.

13. Caruso:

This popular surname means ‘boy’ or ‘a young apprentice’ in Italian. Enrico Caruso, the Italian opera singer made this surname famous in the rest of the world.

14. Cattaneo:

This means ‘captain’ in Italian. It was probably given to someone who acted as a captain of a group or a ship. Versions include Capitani, Capitanio, Cattanei, Cattano, and Cattani.

15. Colombo:

One of the standard occupational surnames, Colombo is derived from the Latin name columbe, which means ‘dove’. Intensely popular during the middle ages, the most famous bearer of the name was Christoforo Colombo or Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America. Colombo would be a great name for your little explorer.

16. Conte:

A popular Italian surname meaning ‘companion’, it was usually given to those who worked for a count. Another version of the name is Conti.

17. Coppola:

If you love trying different hats, you could try this popular surname as a nickname, which means ‘a little round hat’.

18. Costa:

This surname is a popular variation of another Italian last name, Di Costa. Costa is Italian for rib, which means a ‘slope’ or ‘coast’. It can be used as a cute nickname for your baby girl.

19. D’Angelo:

This surname means ‘angelic’. Other variations include Di Angelo, Angelo, Angela, Angioli, Angiolo, Angiola, Agnoli, Agnolo, Agnola, D’Angeli, D’Angelo, D’Angiolo and many more.

20. De Luca:

A common Italian family name which means “son of Lucas”. Another popular variant is Di Luca. There are many other variations for this surname like Lucarelli, Lucas, Lucchi, Lucco, Luchi, and Lucca.

21. De Santis:

De Santis comes from the word Sanctus, which means ‘holy’ or ‘devout’.

22. DeVille:

The hip Italian last name means ‘villa’ or ‘village’.

23. Donato:

A surname that would serve as an excellent name for your baby boy inspiring him to be loving and giving, for Donato originates from the Latin word Donare, which means ‘to give’. Donati, Dona, and Donatelli are other prevalent versions of Donato.

24. Esposito:

Esposito comes from the old Italian word esposto, which means ‘to expose’. This name has been made famous by a lot of celebs like Argentine actress and singer Mariana Esposito, American actress Jennifer Esposito and fictional character on the hit criminal TV show Castle season 3 Javier Esposito.

25. Fabbri:

An occupational surname, Fabbri comes from the word Faber or ‘craftsman’ or ‘smith’. It will undoubtedly be a unique nickname for your inquisitive baby girl.

26. Farina:

An occupational surname, Farina means ‘flour’. Other common variations include Farini, Farinella, Farinela, Farinelli and many more.

27. Ferrara:

Want your daughter to be as strong as iron in today’s harsh world? Name her Ferrara. The popular Italian surname probably originated from the Latin word Ferro, which means ‘iron’ and was an occupational surname for blacksmiths. There are other popular variations of this surname: Ferrero, Ferrai, Ferrari, Ferraro, Ferrario, Ferrerio, Ferrarini and many more.

28. Fiore:

A beautiful surname that can be a lovely first name for your little girl, Fiore means ‘flower blossom’. You can also go for variations like Fiorelli, Fiorone, Fiorani, and Floris.

29. Fontana:

The musical surname is derived from the Latin word Fons, which means ‘spring’. It belongs to the class of topographical surnames given to people living near a spring.

30. Gallo:

Gallo originates from the word Gallus, which means ‘rooster’. It was a trendy name during the middle ages and continues to be well-known. This popular surname has many other variations like Gall, Gallelli, Galletti, Gallini, Gallucci, Galluzzi, Gallion, Gallozzi and Gallarini.

31. Gatti:

Coming from the Italian word Gatto, which means a ‘tomcat’, this common surname was probably given to people with cat-like qualities.

32. Gentile:

Gentile is a popular Italian surname that comes from the word Gentilis, which means ‘of the same stock’.

33. Giordano:

Giordano originated from the word Jordan referring to the holy river, and means ‘the one who descends’. This surname has been made famous by watchmaker Giordano.

34. Grasso:

The surname Grasso refers to a ‘stout or overweight person’. Some of its many variations De Grassi, Degrassi, Lo Grasso, La Grassa, Grasselli, Grassellini, Grassaleoni, Grassilli, Grassigli, Grassetti, Grassini, and Grassani.

35. Greco:

One of the most famous Italian surnames, it comes from a Latin word Graecus, which means ‘Greek’. It can be an unusual first name for your baby boy. Reality TV star Joey Greco and supermodel Viviana Greco are a few famous namesakes.

36. Guerra:

This common Italian surname means ‘war’, and usually refers to a soldier.

37. Guiluliani:

This popular Italian surname originating from Latin word Lullius means someone who is ‘youthful’.

38. Leone:

A popular Italian surname coming from the Italian word for ‘lion’ (leone), it can be a nickname for your lion-hearted baby. You could consider the other variations like Leoni, Leonelli, Leonello, and Leonotti.

39. Leoni:

If Leone is for a lion-hearted baby boy, the female version of the surname, Leoni, will suit your little lioness.

40. Lombardi:

Lombardi is a popular surname that was initially given to people hailing from Lombardy in northern Italy.

41. Longo:

Longo would be such a cute nickname for your little boy apart from being a popular Italian surname. Derived from an old Italian word longo meaning ‘long’ or ‘tall’.

42. Mancini:

This popular surname is derived from the Italian word Mancino, which means ‘ambidextrous’ or ‘left-handed’.

43. Marchetti:

The surname Marchetti, derived from Marchino or Marcus, refers to the Roman god of war. DeMarchi, Marcantoni, Marcantonio, Marcato, Marchel, Marchelli, Marcone, Marconi, Marcovic, Marcovich, Marcoz, Marcozzi, and Marcucci are some of the variations of the name.

44. Mariano:

The popular surname is a derivation of Marius, which is another name for Ares, the Roman god of war. Mariano would be an apt name for your confident and gutsy baby boy.

45. Marino:

This is another popular habitational surname, meaning ‘of the sea’. Derived from the word Marinus, which means the sea, naming your little sailor Marino will take him on long cruises across the mighty oceans. Other existing variations of this surname include Mario, Morino, Marina, and Marano.

46. Martini:

Originally deriving from Martinus, or commonly known as Mars, the Roman god of war and fertility, the name has become famously linked to a drink. This surname would be pretty for your lovely baby girl. The other familiar variations of this surname are De Martini, De Martinis, Martino, Martinetti, Martin, Martina, Martinelli, and many more.

47. Mazza:

The Italian word means a ‘club, hammer or mace’. This last name was popularly given to toolmakers.

48. Messina:

This was a topographical surname for somebody living in the city of Messana in Italy. This surname has a lovely ring to it and would be apt for a baby girl.

49. Monti:

A surname that can sum as a beautiful nickname for your child. Monti comes from the Italian word Monte or mountain.

50. Morelli:

A typical Italian surname used to describe a moor or somebody with a dark skin tone. The favorite variations are Morèlli, Morello, Morèllo, and Morella.

51. Moretti:

This stylish Italian surname is derived from the Italian word Moretto, which refers to ‘dark hair’. Moretti would be a great first name for a baby girl with beautiful, dark hair. Popular variations of the surname include Moratti, Morati, Moronim Moriotti, Moriotto, Moret, and Morozzi.

52. Negri:

The Italian word means ‘black’. This common surname was initially given to people who probably had a dark complexion. Other versions of the name are Negris, Nigra, and Negrelli.

53. Nicoli:

Nicoli is the plural version of the very popular surname Nicola. The name Nicola is derived from the Greek word Nikolaos composing of nikan or ‘to win’ and laos or ‘people.’ This was particularly given to people who emerged victorious in some feat or event.

54. Palumbo:

We think this surname will be a cute nickname for your baby boy. Palumbo comes from the Italian word Palombo, which means a ‘ring dove’.

55. Parisi:

A very cute Italian surname that would go great as a first name for your fashionista daughter. Parisi is a topographical surname that means ‘from Paris’. It would be perfect for your little globetrotter, who would someday add beauty to the beautiful city.

56. Pellegrini:

This common last name is supposed to be originated from Latin word Peregrinus, meaning ‘a foreigner’ or ‘a pilgrim’. Pellegrino, Pellegrini, Pellegrìn, Pellerini, Pellegrin, Pellerino, Pellegrinelli, Pellegrinetti and Pellegrinotti are its variants.

57. Pepe:

This Italian last name is the shortened form of Giuseppe, Italian for Joseph. This is a biblical surname, as in it is based on the name of a character from the Bible. There are a number of recorded versions of Pepe like Papi, Peppin, Peri, and Pupa.

58. Piras:

We are sure your baby boy is sweeter than a pear. Why not name him Pira or Piras? Pira is Italian for ‘pear’.

59. Puma:

You want your little princess to be hale and hearty. Choose this prominent surname, which means ‘apple’, as a nickname for your baby girl.

60. Quattro:

This common surname comes from the Italian word Quattro meaning ‘four’.

61. Rabito:

Rabito is a habitational surname. This surname is the shortened form of Arabito. The early migrants from Arabian countries were called Arabito.

62. Raffa:

This is a geographical surname, probably given to people belonging to the region of Raffa in Sicily, Italy. This surname sounds exotic and hip.

63. Ranallo:

The Italian equivalent of the English surname Reynolds, Ronallo sources its origin from the words Ragin and Wald, meaning ‘counsel’ and ‘rule’. Other variations include Rindaldo, Renaldi, Rainaldo, Renaldi, Rinallo, and Ranalli.

64. Ricci:

Your baby has curly hair? Then you may name her Ricci. This popular surname is a derivation of the ancient Italian word Ricco, meaning ‘curly’. There are at least 30 other variations of Ricci: Ricca, Ricco, Rizzo, Rizzi, Rizzo, Rizzillio, Rizzotto, and more.

65. Romano:

The word means ‘from Rome’ and has been popularized by stand up comedian Ray Romano and actress Michelle Romano.

66. Rossi:

Rossi is one of the most common Italian surnames. It is the plural form of another regular name Rosso, which means ‘red’ in Italian. Though Italian by origin, it is fast becoming popular in other countries like Argentina, Austria, Peru, US, and Mexico. Different versions like Rossa, Rosello, Roselli, and Russo also exist.

67. Sala:

Coming from the root word Sal, which means a ‘building’, this is a popular surname whose variations include Salas.

68. Sanna:

This surname means ‘lily’.

69. Santoro:

How would you like to name your prince after a feast? That is what Santoro means, ‘feast of all the saints’.

70. Sartori:

Sartori is a common occupational surname deriving from the word Sartos, meaning ‘tailor’. Other variations include Sartes, Sartou, and Sastre.

71. Scotti:

Would you want to take your baby daughter to Scotland someday? You then might want to adopt this surname as a nickname for her as Scotti was initially given to people hailing from Scotland. Another common version of Scotti is Scotto.

72. Segreto:

This surname is the Italian word for ‘confidant’, originating from Latin term Secretum, meaning ‘a hidden place’. This occupational surname was given to secret couriers or spies. Popular variations include Segreti and Serio.

73. Serra:

Serra refers to a ‘ridge or chain of hills’ in Italian. You can use this as a first name for your daughter. Some of the popular variations are Serrano and Serrana.

74. Sica:

This trendy last name comes from Sigi, meaning ‘victory’.

75. Silvestri:

This last name is a modified version of the word Silva meaning ‘wood’.

76. Testa:

Coming from the word Teste, which means ‘head’, this popular surname has several other variations that you can choose from Testi, Testini, Testoni, Testai, and Testani.

77. Villa:

This surname was used to denote ‘someone from the village’. The second meaning of Villa is ‘house or estate’. Other frequent variations include Devilla, de Villa, and Villas.

78. Vitale:

Remember the acrobatic tiger Vitale from the Madagascar series? This popular surname comes from the word Vitalis, which means ‘of life’ or ‘vital’. Other popular variations are Vitaly, Vitali, Vital, Vale and Vidales.

79. Valentino:

The Roman word Valens is the root word for this surname, which means ‘healthy and vigorous’. It sounds exquisite and exotic.

80. Vece:

The Italian surname comes from the Latin word Vicis, which means ‘change’ or ‘alternation’. Similar meaning surnames include Cece, Vose, and Voce.

81. Verga:

This is an occupational surname given to shepherds as Verga is Italian for ‘stick,’ ‘cane,’ or ‘shepherd crook’. Other variations include Varga, Verna, Perna, and Veiga.

82. Vero:

Although a famous surname, this would be a cute nickname for your little prince. Vero means ‘real’ or ‘true’ in Italian.

83. Vinci:

You want your daughter to conquer the world? Then give this as a nickname for her because Vinci comes from Vincere, which means ‘to conquer’. You can consider the alternatives like Vince or Viney for your baby boy.

84. Vittori:

This surname, made famous by Robert Brown through his book, Angels and Demons, means ‘conqueror’. We think it’s an excellent name for your feisty baby girl. Vettori, Vittor, Vettore, Vettorato, and Vittoria are its variants.

85. Zucca:

An occupational surname for sellers of gourds, Zucca means ‘squash’ in Italian. It would be a perfect nickname for your son, if you want him to grow up and love eating all healthy vegetables. Other versions are Zecca, Zuccaro, and Zucco.

These interesting and popular Italian surnames are sure to catch your eye! We hope you liked our compilation. Which one is the most interesting? Let us know in the comments.

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