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For a teen, being fashionable is rather important. This importance has led to quite a surge in the kind of clothes manufactured today. Most teens keep abreast with the latest trends in fashion and are excited about every new trend. But, fashion does not mean expensive or extravagant clothes. You need to look stylish and be comfortable while doing so. If you have a teen son who doesn’t know to work it, you should probably read on for some useful fashion tips for teenage guys. Here’s what we think.

Fashion Ideas For Teenage Guys:

Your son’s appearance is critical to him. If he dresses well, he is well-received and he becomes confident. But, there are certain problems which they face while trying to follow these trends. Let us first discuss them:

  • With their rapidly growing body and the ever evolving fashion styles and statements, so many times, teens aren’t sure what trend to follow and which one will suit him the most.
  • The other problem is impatience. Whenever a teen sees a boy of the same age look different, he subconsciously copies the style, whether it suits him or not. This frustration is something that most teenage guys face.
  • Some teenage kids are either overweight or underweight and they can’t wear anything they want.

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These ideas will help your teen look fashionable no matter what problems he may face:

Your son needs to be patient. He needs to work out properly, and he can lose weight or gain muscles in this way. As a teenager, your son is bursting with energy and thus workouts will also help build physical and mental toughness. It will also prepare him to face any challenges that come in his path or hinder his success.

Your teenage sons should have a wide variety of apparel in his wardrobe. The wardrobe should mainly have casual dresses. Some of them could be:

  • Jeans
  • Variety of shirts
  • Graphic tees and some V-neck tees
  • Proper winter garments
  • Comfortable underwear
  • Stylish accessories like belts and watches
  • Sneakers and casual shoes
  • A few different colored and styled suits

Your son should never wear any loose-fitted or ill-fitted clothes. Wearing clothes that properly fit his body is imperative. No matter whatever body type he has, if the dress fits him, your teen will appear smart.

How To Measure If Clothes Are Fitting Teen Guys?

There are three main criteria to judge if the dress fits your son’s body or not. They’re as follows:

  • The dress clings to the body’s shape perfectly without compressing it or causing any discomfort.
  • They make your son look stylish and smart.
  • Tailoring your son’s cloth can be an excellent idea. The dresses found at stores are made with general fitting standards and may or may not match your son’s body. It is best if the tailor stitches the apparel according to your son’s size.
  • While you’re buying a shirt, pullover or jackets, you need to measure the length from the end of one shoulder to the end of another. The tip to buying pants is making sure that you’re measuring the length of the waist area and not above or below it. The number of folds is also important and in general, you can fold a trouser once. A crucial thing here is proper underwear. If he feels discomfort in his underwear, his whole body and appearance will bear the brunt of it.

Fashion Tips For Teenage Guys:

Now here come the tips, which can help you make your son look stylish and trendy. You can share these tips with him and boost his confidence. Who doesn’t like a little extra attention?

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1. Developing A Style Quotient:

It’s good to follow the latest trend, great to become a trendsetter. You can leave clues for your son by reading the latest magazines and blogs. There are some magazines and websites like GQ, Esquire, Fashion Beans, etc. where you get the knowledge about the most up-to-date styles.

Talk to your son about his issues. While some boys become adamant that they should follow a particular trend, remember that you’re a better judge of style than he is.

You would always know which celebrity your son is fond of, and you can always help him follow a similar style.

Your son obviously frequents social networking sites. He can also get a lot of ideas and tips from those sites.

2. Style Comparison:

You can always compare the present wardrobe of your son to the current trends and styles.

Don’t just throw out the old ones and buy new clothes and style statements keep on changing and your son can always use old clothes to good effect. Mix and match is always a great fashion statement.

3. Be Yourself:

A lot of teenage guys try to change their attitude and style just to fit into the modern trends. But you should always make him understand why it’s so necessary to have his own identity.

He should always choose something in which he is comfortable enough.

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4. Try Brands That Suit Your Son’s Personality:

You should always buy something that fits your son’s body and your budget. Always remember that lavish clothes don’t mean great fashion. There are certain factors that you need to consider while buying the dress for your son and they’re your son’s height, weight, body shape.

If your son has overweight issues, then it’s safer to go for vertically striped dresses. They make a person appear slimmer, thanks to the shape of the stripes. If your kid is slim, he can go for tight-fitting clothes, and this will also highlight the lean waist of your son.

The style statement can be both casual and formal, depending on the type of occasion he’s wearing the dress.

Does your teen boy follow the latest fashion trends? How do you help him look smart? Do you know any fashion tips for teen boys? Tell us here. We would love to hear from you.

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