Mom’s Illustrations Perfectly Capture The ‘Crazy Parenting Rollercoaster’


As the mother of a 4-year-old girl, Helene Weston is all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of parenting.

When she’s not working her part-time marketing job at a children’s clothing company, the British mom enjoys illustrating her everyday parenting experiences. 

“I’ve always loved drawing and painting, so on my days off work I try to ignore all the housework that needs doing and be creative,” she told HuffPost. 

Weston, who lives in Falmouth, Cornwall, used to draw mainly animals, but joked that she shifted gears after welcoming her “own human pet.”

“My first ‘mum-themed’ drawing was one of me in my PJs looking absolutely knackered,” she explained. “I hoped that other mums could relate.”

Weston shares her motherhood illustrations on her website and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where she’s amassed nearly 7,000 followers. 

“The response has been amazing so I’m really chuffed!” said the mom. “I absolutely love doing them, and it’s great that other people enjoy them.”

As she’s gained a following, Weston has received many positive messages from fellow parents. 

“Some say that my little illustrations have entertained them whilst doing the 3 a.m. feed, which is brilliant to hear!” she said.

I just hope my illustrations make them realize that they’re not alone on this crazy parenting rollercoaster, that parenting is bloody hard and that it’s OK to admit it,” the mom added. “And also if your kids drive you batshit crazy and you hate Play-Doh, that’s fine too!”

Keep scrolling and check out Weston’s Instagram for more relatable parenting illustrations. 

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