Momtreprenuer 101: Creating a Home Office that Inspires Hustle


Running a business from home is hard. Juggling housework, family time and the needs of your growing business can be a challenge no matter how efficient you are. Setting aside a dedicated space to inspire your creativity and focus is important and can help you to hone your productivity in an setting built for your needs.

While it’s not always possible to have a full dedicated room, many of creative business owners find ways to work in unconventional spaces. You may want to consider revamping corner of the formal dining room or setting aside a she-shed in the backyard. No matter how much space you have to allot to your home office, you’ll want to personalize your zone and surround yourself with the tools to be successful at whatever your craft is.

Creating an office that inspires hustle with Frame It Easy

Decorate with your Inspiration

As a business owner, a well decorated professional space can put you in a productive mindset from the moment you set down to work. Beautiful frames can set the stage for any of your passions and gives a professional backdrop for any video conferences or Facebook live sessions you need to work on.

No matter what your passion is, Frame It Easy has the ability to frame it and showcase it with pride on your office wall. The Broadway window cards shown in this office are an unusual size, 14 inches x 22 inches, so framing them may have otherwise been a challenge. Each Frame It Easy frame is made to order, allowing you to select the perfect size to showcase your passions like these window cards, or share examples of your work hung with pride.

Frame it Easy

As you design your frames, you’ll choose from one of 38 styles and can even add a custom mat for your artwork.

Framed window cardsFinish off the design by selecting from clear or non-glare backing and your frames will be headed your way in just a few days. As a Daily Mom reader, we are excited to share a discount code from Frame It Easy to help you save a bit on your order! Use the code DAILYMOM at checkout to receive 10% off your order. 

Clean up the Clutter

Desks and tables can quickly become a place for clutter to gather and paperwork to get out of hand. Work to keep your office space dedicated to only the task at hand and clear away any excess paperwork before it starts lowering your productivity.

Office Organization

Bins and folders are a great way to store away paperwork or magazines until it is necessary. The Daily System from Pottery Barn is the perfect solution to customize how you’d like to store your papers up and out of the way.

Pencil storage

Keep loose items like pens and markers up when not in use and they’ll always be easy to find when you are ready to write again. This fun zippered case from Scenery Bags is even made out of a Broadway backdrop!

Light up the workspace

When you are burning the midnight oil after the kids have gone to bed, there is no reason to strain your eyes. Overhead light alone is often not enough to provide good work light and desk lamps aren’t just for school work.


A strong LED Light like an Ottlight is perfect for allowing you to see colors accurately and protect your eyes as you work. An LED Light bar provides a light quality that is similar to natural daylight, lowering stress levels and helping ensure your circadian rhythm remains unaffected no matter how late you work.

Add Some Greenery

Researchers from Exeter University found that employees are more 15% more productive when surrounded by houseplants. Even if you are the only employee in your office, an increase in productivity is worth the effort at keeping a few plants close at hand.

Office Plants

Beyond the benefits to productivity, houseplants improve air quality by reducing CO2 and lowering the amount of dust, bacteria and mold in the air. Plants can help foster a welcoming environment and when your to do list is long, the call to water your office plants is a good reminder to schedule some time to get back into the office.

Planning out a space of your own can be a fun way to share your personality all while creating a home for all your projects. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can can done when your office inspires you to keep at your hustle.

Creating a Home Office that inspires HustleLooking for more Momtreprenuer inspiration? Check out our photography section to learn more about how to grow your photo business.

Photo credits: Rocky Mountain Bliss

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