Petsies: Keep Your Pet Fur-Ever With This Brand


When it comes to pets, people go crazy over their own. In short, pet lovers are a special breed (pun intended). For those that adore their furry friend to the moon and back, Petsie is the perfect gift. Whether shopping for an upcoming holiday, birthday, yourself, or simply a way to say, “Hey, your pet is loved and so are you,” Petsies has options for everyone. When searching for a way to fur-ever remember your furry friend following a pet loss, there is no better place to turn.



Whether your pet barks, meows, neighs, or scurries without sound, Petsies can customize the perfect pet for all owners. Their customization is truly unlike any other, with realistic details that are airbrushed with love. What stands out the most in Petsies products is their attention to every last detailThe glassy halo’d eyes and the perfectly dotted nose, the multi-toned fur and the knobbed tail. The things most remembered about the pet in one’s life is etched into a custom made plush that will withstand the test of time.




Visited on a whim and lovingly adopted without a plan, Tucker Buddy Foo Foo was adopted by one naive college student just about to begin her student teaching semester. Tucker instantly brought joy and happiness to all he met. In his younger years, he enjoyed visits to the dog park, riding in the car with mom (on the driver’s side only of course!), and canoeing while wearing his puppy life jacket (safety first!). Tucker liked playing fetch, laying on the top of couches to watch squirrels, tuning into Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights, indulging in Frostie Paws Ice Cream Treats, taking long walks around the neighborhood, and stealing his owner’s pillow in the wee hours of the night. For 15 straight years, he licked away my tears whenever there was sadness. He saw me through heartbreak and tears of joy. He stayed by my side through 14 weeks of strict bed rest with my firstborn, just as we stayed by his side as he crossed the rainbow bridge.

After a decade and a half with our sweet Tucker Buddy Foo Foo, we said goodbye to cuddles, kisses, and calling him our best friend. Tucker was our first baby, our original responsibility outside of our selves, and our first selfless act as a married couple. He helped us move from state to state, house to house, happily welcomed his three human siblings and one canine sister, and he spent a life living and loving the best he knew how. Saying goodbye was heart wrenching and surreal, and we miss him daily.




After months of feeling like our house was empty, Petsies provided us with a tangible memory for us to cuddle, kiss, and call out to. Thanks to Petsies, we have a keepsake that continues to be a part of our everyday life. Our new Tucker may bark less and never need to be taken outside in the middle of the night, but it is our Tucker Buddy just the same.




Regardless of your preferred pet, Petsies is a brand that is here for you. Dogs or cats, birds or bunnies, horses or rats, turtles or lizards; anything that can be loved by a human can be created by the talented artists at Petsies. Their on-staff seamstresses custom create and hand-sew each Petsie item, and their designers go to great lengths to match your pet’s every intimate detail.

For a pet that will withstand the test of time and continue being a part of one’s family and home long after the last bark has been heard, Petsies is truly the gift that will keep on giving.




From the first click on their website to the moment you hug your stuffed friend, every part of working with the Petsies company is easy peasy lemon squeezy. The Petsies customizer page walks you through the process of personalization, and then it is handed off to the very qualified hands of their design team.

Petsies is a unique company because:

  • It is a team made up of pet lovers
  • Their work has been featured on Shark Tank
  • Their design abilities have no limit, creating full customization for each pet
  • Ordering is fast and easy
  • The company offers a 100% guarantee on all of their products



In addition to outmatched customization and unparalleled customer service, Petsies is a brand that gives back. In honor of the unconditional loyalty that lies between a police officer and their K9, Petsies is proud to donate custom plushies of retired or fallen K9’s to their officer partners.

See more from the Tucker Buddy Foo Foo Petsies collection by clicking through the gallery below. 


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Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins

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