Where To Buy Plus-Size Maternity Clothing That’s Actually Cute


Pregnant women have enough to deal with without being stressed about finding clothes to fit their growing bodies. It’s a problem curvy gals are used to — scoping out stores that carry cute clothes with inclusive sizing.

Many clothing stores are letting down their curvy mamas-to-be by not carrying inclusive maternity clothing. Those that do carry extended maternity clothes don’t usually have a super stylish collection, and it seems that stylish maternity clothing stores don’t carry much in the way of extended sizing.

That’s why we went on the hunt for plus-size maternity clothing stores that carry clothes you’d *actually* wear. (Because who wears tunic tops anymore, anyway?)

Some of the stores we found have actual plus-size maternity sections, while others simply curated clothes from their plus-size collections that are belly-friendly, intended to grow with you. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find curvy styles to dress up your bump.

Below, 11 stores to buy plus-size maternity clothing that’s actually stylish: 

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