Approximately 30 million Americans suffer from eating disorders and many more suffer from negative body image issues. This problem is also impacting our children. More children are suffering from eating disorders than ever before and at younger ages. Here is everything as a parent that you need to know and tips to teach your children
Our sedentary lifestyle in the United States is literally killing our children. As a society we need to begin focusing on the importance of play. With autoimmune diseases, obesity, heart disease, and many other deadly medical issues on the rise we need to come up with a solution for the epidemic currently plaguing America. No longer
A parent’s worst nightmare is if their child stops breathing. Although we hope and pray that we are never faced with this a situation like this, if we gain the knowledge of how to properly respond, we have the chance to save the life of our own child or the life of another. This post
Finished all of your favorite shows and not sure what to watch now? The time for mindless scrolling has come to an end, why? Because we’ve taken out the legwork out of the equation, we’ve researched, watched, and compiled the Very Best of Netflix TV Shows for you, your man, or your date. Grab your popcorn
Summer is quickly approaching and that leads to the question, “So what are your plans for the summer?” Pinterest is filled with summer planning tools from daily schedules to recommended weekly activities for you to do with the kids. You research family vacations, buy season passes to various parks, and set up play dates and